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Life is about change, it is constantly changing. Some change can be predicted, embraced, anticipated and enacted; some change is unpredicted, unwelcome, unwanted and scary. How we deal, adopt and adapt determines how we survive. Its not the survival of the fittest or the strongest - life is about how you adapt to change. Today, I have the honour and privilege of being the GM & MD of an organisation and facility that houses a range of businesses, services, organisations and people dedicated to providing solutions that about people, their health, their community and their future. Not about providing a diagnosis to a problem - but trying to help prevent them in the first place. I take pride in leading a team of very motivated & success orientated people who design, develop, and deliver innovative solutions that are relevant and enjoyable. Together we lead, supported by a foundation of science, education, common sense and a community of passion; a collaborative, committed, engaging, solution that is realistic, efficient and effective all through the power of communication that enables success through strategy, people, leadership and reality. During my career, I have successfully engaged, built, deployed and lead; multi-national teams of various backgrounds, cultures, education and skill levels, throughout many territories across the world. Leading teams of: medical affairs, scientific affairs, regulatory affairs, sales and marketing, sales force effectiveness, clinical development, clinical education for all Healthcare professionals, pharmacists, consumers, warehouse, supply-chain, travel, event and conference organisers & business leaders in the public and private healthcare sectors. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare: currently working in Wellness, Dermatology, Skin & Aesthetic Medicine; I have developed and delivered success that has afforded me the opportunity to be valued as a leader, a mentor, educator & trainer, a marketer, business manager, a clinician, a friend and someone you can count on. I have worked in Australia, across Asia Pacific, Europe and the US. Every opportunity requires careful, strategic & dedicated communication & care. The core principle for me has always been the people (patients, consumers, clinicians, staff, colleagues) - leading people, coaching and mentoring people to achieve success.

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