Scott McLennan

Well its 3 months since I took another turn on this wonderful little life journey of mine.

My view!


Today I celebrate completing my probationary period with Galderma – and it appears they are keeping me – woo hoo!

Today I also celebrate my move from Australia to Hong Kong. I have lived in serviced apartments, and hotels and then some 3 weeks ago I moved into my new apartment. To which I say it is fabulous. My furniture and belongings from Oz are still sitting on a boat somewhere – hopefully they arrive by Christmas.

In the past 3 months I have visited 9 countries, met wonderful people, presented at a couple of conferences, hosted an anatomy course, and participated in a Global Advisory Board and shared some wonderful experiences. And guess what – I am enjoying it. Yes there are organisational challenges (like any role), however with those there are some wonderful opportunities to capitalize on as we move forward, but I do love a challenge, and my team are lovely. I am really looking forward to what Galderma, the Aesthetic team and of course the Restylane family are bringing to the Asia Pacific market in 2014 – we are making a difference.

Living in Hong Kong is an amazing experience. It is hot, it is humid (thank fully the weather is starting to cool), the people are wonderful, the food is fantastic, and the public transport just works. Yes life in HK does take some getting used to – like how people are so fixated on their mobile device when walking that they miss the life they are walking past. Grocery shopping is interesting – so many choices gives new meaning to Pot Luck – haha!. Sometimes you turn a corner and are overpowered by odours, I tend to walk lots and this is when you learn to dodge tourists with their flailing arms pointing out things; people’s umbrella’s positioned at eye level, and the swinging arms (they usually get you where stars appear!). But all in all it’s an experience – and its fun. Its alive.

To my new friends and colleagues – I thank you for welcoming me into your hearts, and your communities.

There are aspects of Australia I do miss – the team from The Rose, Face Forward and The Beauty Bar. I do miss my friends and The Family in Sydney, and yes I do miss my parents and my sister – but we do have Face Time and Skype and of course Facebook.  I did manage to get my vegemite, and the only thing now missing is the Munchkins care-pack of pickles, biscuits and the farm fresh eggs (I will get them at Christmas though!).

I still have a few things to organize – Rome wasn’t built in a day, it did however burn down in one! So I am taking my time, not rushing into anything, but enjoying furnishing the new pad.

So: to new beginnings, journeys, and friends; to family, friends, memories, learning’s, and connections: Thank you. Wow can’t believe its November already. Lets see how 2013 finishes.


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