Scott McLennan

Welcome to Singapore, welcome to academia and the Singapore General Hospital and welcome to yet another excellent Galderma master class.

Thank you for taking time out of your practices and your lives to join us here to learn. We are truly humbled.

Here at Galderma A&C we have begun a new era, with not only a renewed sense of ambition but a passion for excellence.

There is a true sense of excitement around our brands and products, our services and the role we play in achieving positive outcomes for you and for our consumers.

Recently we have taken stock to understand why it is we do what we do. Essentially the basis is / we truly believe how you feel, how we feel matters. Everyone, regardless, should have the freedoms to look and feel however they want without fear of limitation.

Sometimes making the simplest of change influences and makes the biggest difference that often cannot be measured. And those positive changes is what it is all about.

It has often been said that our products are old and we get asked all the time – what’s new? But in all honesty – we have proven & trusted excellence in research and development, we offer the most scientific evidence in aesthetics today? We provide targeted and dedicated medical education packages to help you fulfil your true potential.

We do this, all of us here at GALDERMA, do this through open minded, non-judgemental and ethically responsible solutions. Providing choice for you and your consumers.

Here in Asia pacific, whether you are from India & Pakistan, China, korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, australia & New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and of course our host – singapore. We join together to achieve success by combining science and artistry

Together, based on our 3 pillars of excellence – science, education and training, and business – we are proud that we develop and provide effective, safe, reliable, and innovative solutions for you and your patients.

It is my true honour to work with this faculty, the GALDERMA team members, my regional team, and of course you.

Thoroughly enjoy today, learn lots, and take a step towards even more success.

Thank you




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