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Creating a happy ending

Change is stressful, however there are some simple and effective ways of helping to minimise the stress for everyone involved. Above all – be considerate, be kind, and leave a good impression. Don’t boast, don’t complain, don’t whinge or whine.
Life is short, and you never know where tomorrow will lead you. 
Don’t have regrets!

Embracing Social Change in the Workplace.

Over the past couple of days the world has undergone a change. Peoples believes have been challenged, something has happened that many don’t want to believe is true and as such the vitriol is spilling, the intolerance and the fundamental believe that 1 group…

A pause can say more than words

Its amazing what you can do in a pasue

Take a pause: it should be long enough to allow you to achieve something, and when carefully placed can produce profound effects.

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