Scott McLennan

About me

I’ve danced like there’s nobody watching; I’ve loved like I would never be hurt; I’ve sung like there’s nobody listening, and I am living like it’s heaven on earth. But isn’t it more fun when you have an audience.

I am thankful for my life thus far has been indeed a tapestry of wonder & colour, excitement & intrigue, fun & mystery; glitz, glam, glitter, tunes, blood, sweat, tears, and hard work all rolling together to create this journey.

Coming from a small village in Australia; to joining the Army; to singing on the stages of the world with some amazing people; to traveling the world lecturing and sharing knowledge on the world of Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Beauty, Aesthetics, Skin & Dermatology, and sharing Business Success stories: what an amazing journey it has been so far and its far from over yet! Can’t wait to see what is next!

Life is there for the living. I am very passionate about my work and the people I work with; and if I can instil the belief that everyone has the power to influence the environment they are in – awesome.

Never have would’ve, should’ve, or could’ve’s in your life. Don’t have regrets.

We all make decisions at a time for what ever reason, and yes some of us stuff up royally, but at the end of the day – it gave you an experience – learn from it, use it, share it, and keep moving forward.

3 Replies to “About me”

    1. Dear Miriam
      Please forgive me…. I was actually dealing with a range of personal issues that had me in a place where I wasnt comfortable to write.

      I am starting again though – thank you for your support


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