Scott McLennan

Opening Address – 25 April, 2015

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Welcome to Korea, Welcome to Seoul, and welcome to the anatomy masterclass for 2015, by Galderma.  Thank you for making the journey, and taking the time out of your busy lives and practices. 
Before we begin, I would like to acknowledge the importance of this day. Today is a very important day, especially for my fellow antipodeans.

On 25th April 1915, 16,000 New Zealanders and Australians surged ashore at the foot of rugged cliffs in Gallipoli, Turkey, to open a campaign intended to help to Russia, and perhaps force Turkey out of world war 1. Today it is not war we glorify, it is the selfless sacrifice for others that we honour. 

For New Zealanders and Australians, ANZAC is a day that we mark the deeds of men and women who had come to see themselves as New Zealanders and Australians, and who are remembered as our own. The ANZACs.  These men and women command and deserve the respect and remembrance of our present and future generations, regardless of race, colour, gender, sex or creed.They all understood the values of independence, freedom and fairness and – above all – possessed a willingness to defend these things if need be. Freedom only survives as long as people are willing to defend it. That is the spirit ANZAC handed down to us. If we lose that ANZAC spirit, we lose all that we have gained.

On the 25th of April each and every year, New Zealanders and Australians at home and like us abroad – we gather to commemorate not just those ANZACs who died on that day, but all former and current men & women of our Defence Force, who fell in both World Wars, in the conflicts of Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam, and more recently in Somalia, Rwanda, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

So today we stand together with thousands of others around the world to honour great men and women and a great tradition. We gather, as we shall always gather, not to glorify war or the victors, but to remind ourselves that we value who we are and the freedoms we possess, and to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those who contributed so much in shaping the identity of our proud nations, and those that continue to serve. Please take this moment to reflect and remember, and to say thank you.

As we embark on today’s journey; a journey of education, of discovery, of confirmation and clarification. A true educational opportunity it is on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, that compell and drive us to learn, to teach and to practice safely.
Each and every day in every way we here at Galderma are working towards what really matters – you, your family, your patients. It is often said we are just beauticians with needles and scalpes, but we know we make a difference to every man woman and child. How you look how you feel about the way you look matters. Everyone regardless of age, race, religion, gender, colour, or orientation, everyone should have the freedom to look and feel however they want without fear of limitation.

I personally believe that we should educate everyone, we need to work with each other regardless of specialty, I personally don’t care if you are a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetic physician, nurse, dentist, general practitioner, or something else. Regardless of your professional bent, your competition, regardless of our own personal ambition, we all need to ensure all people are safe, all patients receive excellence in care and all practitioners operate safely, effectively and efficiently. 

So today put down your pride and prejudices, set aside your opinions, and open your hearts, open your minds, because today we work together as one team, one group, for the benefit of all.

Thank you for joining us, thank you for trusting us and welcome to your MasterClass.  




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