Scott McLennan

Rejuvenating my girth!

Well welcome to 2012… And with the advent and prolific action of resolutions and the such, I thought I might start this year with a commentary on weight(loss) – the number 1 resolution for 2012.

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the absolute pleasure and delight with catching up with friends, relatives and colleagues, as the festive season demands. However with this there is also that dreaded fear of knowing what some will say to your face, and then what others will smirk about behind your back…. The joys of the festive season indeed.

Recently I was in a lift and ran into someone I hadn’t seen for some time, the very first thing she said to me wasn’t hello/how are you/etc, but “my you have put on a little bit of weight haven’t you”. Charming!

Now I will admit that the strange and wonderful life I lead has taken its toll on my girth, but I am not morbidly obese and I am not fat, I am still a size 34 waist and a medium size shirt, and generally look heathy, but this lovely social greeting got me thinking about weight, perceptions, weight loss and societal pressures. Not to mention social etiquette.

Family members are also another delight as they often feel it is their right to comment on everything – and in particular in this little duck’s case – all things that jiggle.

Society is an unusual thing at the best of times, and trying to wade your way thought the temperate waters of social etiquette and the differences between cultures and communities is a very interesting path. What is considered polite and social in some circles is considered rude and uppity in others.

The perception of weight, what is “normal”, what is unhealthy, and what is acceptable, really does depend on where you are standing at the time. In some circles you a considered wealthy and more desirable the bigger you are (Pacific Island cultures). Where others, the thinner you are the more sellable you are(international fashion houses and modeling).

The use of the BMI (Body Mass Index) within the medical and fitness fields can be seen as a useful tool to put a “number” on measuring healthy weight, however it is a floored system as it doesn’t take into account muscle definition, and would class body builders as obese.

Within the Aesthetic Dermatology space, we are constantly facing the conundrum of getting rid of fat in one area(or more) whilst also adding volume to others – it is a seemingly never ending circle. There are devices and procedures that promise to remove fat, roll it away, freeze it, and fry it (All with varying degrees of success); and there products and procedures we use constantly to add plump up the volume where it is needed (operator dependent)

So this year I will commit to myself to do something about my general fitness and health – rejuvenating my girth! I am not making a resolution to loose weight, because I feel that this could have me going down a slippery path. I will however commit to:
Eating a balanced diet that is nutritious and as “organic” as possible
Drinking more water per day (and not just as a mixer)
And exercising (note to self, make appointment with a PT)

Now for me to do these things I will admit that it is going to be hard, and I am going to have to make a concerted effort, but hey all things in life that are worth anything do take a little bit of effort. Traveling as much as I do, I will need to be vigilant (not obsessive) about this, but I will try.

Are there any quick fixes? Yes there are many! Sure I could go on a detox, a diet, surgery, non-invasive procedure – but hey if it is too good to be true, then it probably is… So I will be taking the tried and proven track and getting healthier.

So, 2012 – the year of rejuvenating my girth

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