Scott McLennan

Let me tell you a story some 40ish years in the making.

This is the speech I recently gave at my 40th.

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Some 46ish years ago a man met a woman in rather unusual circumstances. You see Kevin McLennan was a nurse with a talent for baking, and Patricia Wilde was a nurse with a working kitchen. Kevin liked to bake sponges, cakes, biscuits and all sorts of goodies that had lashings of cream and butter for his patients. As the story goes – apparently Patricia liked this talent in a man and together they began a romance over food and the passion for helping others in times of need.

On April 5, 1968 they were wed and soon after relocated from Sydney back to Kevin’s family area – a small remote village in the hinterland outside of Grafton – the village of Nymboida, with it’s rolling hills and fast running waters and quaint village and rural community – the perfect area to start a family.

Alas – despite wanting 8 children they were unable to have children of their own (despite trying over and over again – yes trust me throughout the years it has been somewhat awkward LOL) and so they began the process of adoption.

On April 12 1973 they received a phone call advising them that a baby boy had been born and was indeed to be theirs. So I – Scott Keith McLennan was born and now in a family.

But our family was by no means complete – on Sept 21, 1976 we received a call advising us that a beautiful baby girl would be completing our family. Erin was delivered not by a stork but by east west airlines and we collected her during the jacaranda festival – so to me Erin became my little jacaranda – my little flower. Someone for me to watch over, care for, mentor, and to love.

It is often said that families are born that families are of flesh and blood.

I wholeheartedly disagree with this. A family can definitely be gifted and can definitely be chosen. And for that I am exceptionally grateful.

It is from that foundation of love security and that families are what you make of them – which my life propelled forward… A sentiment that has me now surrounded by various families and various people who makeup my extended family – each of you and those that could not join us tonight. A motley crew – but isn’t that what families are….

My life thus far has been indeed a tapestry of wonder & colour, excitement & intrigue, fun & mystery. And one that I am exceptionally grateful to be experiencing –

And the through the wonder of social media so are all of you. Albeit a little edited from time to time.

School was interesting – starting with the smallest school 8 kids in 7 grades right up to the largest some 1300 boys in 6 grades. Nymboida Public, Coutts Crossing, St Aloysius, Parramatta Marist and Mt Maria Senior – my schools – each with their own challenges, and with their many stories. Yes I was bullied and picked on – and sometimes it was really bad. I got into trouble for laughing or challenging teachers about their skills. I lost, I won, I participated, and I survived.

Higher education saw me study at The Australian Catholic University and Sydney Uni and more recently Monash.

As an adult I have always worked in healthcare – helping others, being their, looking after my flock (its an Aries thing). From the multitude of specialties I have worked in – ICU, ED, Education, Home Care, Recruitment, right unto the last 15 years where Skin, wound care and Dermatology & Aesthetics have been where I found home. Whether it is with patients, or running a business on a global level, to helping smaller businesses to be successful – I am love it – and like to think I am making a difference.

Some of my highlights – Army, Healthcare, Allergan & Botox, Sanofi & Sculptra, and my most recent – The Rose & Face Forward in Perth.

It is not always about work (although many would disagree), work is a way of life – it is never just a job. But outside of work – One of my other passions is singing – and I have had the honor and privilege of singing with SLAGS the Sydney Philharmonia and of course door in the wall. And I have to say wow – I loved every minute – and look forward to reinvigorating that passion soon.

Another significant passion is of course you – my friends and indeed my family.

To the man I lived with for 12 years – thank you.

To all my friends from the various portions of my life – thank you

To the family – we are indeed a motley crew – thank you

And of course to my foundation – Mum, Dad and Erin and her family – thank you.

Don’t have regrets, don’t live your life wondering – with would’ve should’ve could’ve’s – live your life to the fullest.

It has been said –

  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Sing like no one is listening
  • Laugh like no one cares
  • And Love like it doesn’t hurt

But trust me it is so much better to do it all with my family and friends and in front of an audience.

And thank you for being you!


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